Thursday, June 23, 2011

All My Loves

The separate selves of me lie sweetly sleeping
In rooms that open off the moonlit hall,
And I stay wakeful on my pillow, keeping
The circle of my love around them all;
When morning dawns with a resounding clatter,
Bright-eyed, rose-cheeked, all freshly scrubbed and brown,
Like wind-blown leaves, the parts of me will scatter
In each direction, off to school and town.
So let the children sleep. I would not tether
Or clip their wings, though all things fly apart;
Yet let me now collect myself together,
Revisit every chamber of my heart,
And feel love arch into a flawless dome,
While all my loves, while all my loves are home.

Elizabeth Landweer

Fifty seven years ago today, my mom birthed the first of her 5 children--me...thirty years ago today, I was preparing for the birth of my first & second born twins....and today, I am anticipating the demonstration of God's glory in the lives of my children and grandchildren. As I revisit every chamber of my heart, I do feel love arching into a flawless dome, even though all of the separate selves of me are no longer home.

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