Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Like a Lamb....

March, the old rhyme says, comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. And true to form, this
year in the Arizona desert March has arrived with sunny days and tweeting birds and wispy clouds.
Major and Minor League baseball teams are vying for fans...the grass seats at the Diamondbacks new stadium are so popular that one has to purchase tickets online to be guaranteed a "seat" in the grass sections bordering the outfield!! 

I'm glad that Mother Goose doesn't have a rhyme that foreshadows an entire year. The first quarter 
of this new year has definitely not come in like a lamb, it's actually been more lion-like....full of
fierce challenges on many different fronts. Numerous times it has seemed as if everything is spinning out of control, but God has not been caught off guard. His great faithfulness and everlasting mercy have convinced me that even the smallest details are of great importance---that 
His perfect purpose is accomplished through the everyday reality of my life.

During the challenges of these first few weeks of 2011 the importance of simple courtesy has
been imprinted on my mind.  I haven't been doing a great job of practicing those simple courtesies....seems like I've been at war with myself and with others within my sphere. But, as
Sister Mary Mercedes, O.P. says "living with others is an art, the finest and most difficult of arts 
and one that can be mastered only if we treat others with courtesy."  "Courtesy," she says, "is a way 
of living inspired by thoughtfulness, consideration, and respect for others and for yourself."

Developing the art of living with others is the vision I have for the second quarter of 2011. I'm going
to work extra hard to put myself in someone else's place to see what's needed in that situation.
I'm going to cultivate a climate of respect, and not assume that the other person understands my
position and I'm going to share with you the importance of courtesy and good manners--these never
go out of style!


  1. How strange - a friend and I were just talking about the lack of thoughtfulness, consideration and respect for others only yesterday!! What I want to know is - - how in the world do you write such great stuff at midnight?!??!? (my brain is pumpkin mash by 9 pm!!) love ya

  2. i'm right there with you mater italia! i read a quote somewhere saying that "sorry" and "excuse me" are the grease that restrains people from having collisions . . . i think our culture needs a little more grease . . .thanks for being there for me for protecting me and loving me. yours always -ub