Monday, January 17, 2011

Is That All There Is?

When we read of unspeakable tragedy and suffering like that of the families in Tucson, AZ who lost precious loved ones to a madman's shooting rampage, we might ask ourselves, "is that all there is to life?" Dads and moms and grandparents diligently work at raising responsible, loving, respectful children  to have them gunned down mercilessly....what is the meaning of all of this? 

These are hard, heart wrenching questions that drive us to the depths of our souls, and force us to
search every corner of our minds for answers. Some days we might find comfort in the simple truth that the Tucson tragedy is a result of a singular madman. Other days, that may not satisfy our longings for a solution. The answer that will sustain us while living and breathing on this planet is found in one place and one place only...the Bible. In the pages of Scripture we will find numerous references to the presence of evil, the reality of suffering, and the promise of peace that passes all understanding. I don't have all of the answers or the space to explore them, but by going to the online source: you'll be able to find all of the references to evil, suffering and perfect peace. For a pastor's view on the Tucson tragedy and how to deal with suffering, please read Tyler Johnson's recent blog post at:

Tragedies like this one force us to re-examine what we're doing and why we are doing it. As believers our job is to teach and train our children in wisdom and stature, in grace and in truth.
We can impact our communities for good simply by focusing on raising respectful, obedient and
hardworking children, by loving our husbands and keeping homes that are havens from the chaos
without. Resources abound in this spectrum, once again with the Word of God being the ultimate source for faith and practice. Spend your time training your child's character rather than fretting about whether tragedy will strike. Invest your energy in understanding God's Big Picture or metanarrative...the story across time of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration, then 
teach it to your kids. And finally, use your nano seconds to pray instead of worry. Prayer ought to
be like breathing---it should come naturally-- an outpouring of the ebb and flow of our daily 
responsibilities, snags, distractions, annoyances, enlightenments, etc. 

Rather than asking, is that all there is? Ask yourself instead, how can I reflect Christ in this broken, hurting world---how can I be outward instead of inward can I make a
difference? The answer is simple...make a difference right under your home!

Be blessed beyond measure!

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