Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent---A Time For Anticipation!

Advent....what is it and why do we hear this word just one time a year? The word "Advent" has Latin origins meaning "arrival". Webster defines Advent as "the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas a season of prayer and fasting". Christians worldwide try to concentrate on the incredible miracle of the Incarnation during these weeks preceding December 25th. In the crazy, busy merry-go-round of everyday living it's easy to forget the miracle of Christmas. So, here's some practical ideas from Focus On The Family that will be a blessing to you and yours!

One of our family's fondest Christmas memories is decorating the Christmas tree at Maricopa Community Church where not only my husband, Jim, grew up but all 9 of our children as well! The most amazing thing about the roly-poly, tumble-bumble, dusty, tired, faux tree were the Chrismons--the beautifully delicate ornaments made of craft dough, painted white and trimmed with gold detailing. Chrismon is from the Latin word for monogram. Think of Chi-Rho, the symbol for Christ formed from X and P, the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ. At the Reformed Church in America website are very simple Chrismon patterns as well as explanations of each symbol's meaning. Get out the scissors, glue, glitter, and ribbon for hanging on your tree and have fun making ornaments that will teach your precious ones the meaning of the Incarnation.

From our family to yours, JOY! while making the most of each moment!

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  1. That's so interesting about the Chrismons! I'd forgotten about those, but am glad you reminded me. I'll have to print that page off and put it in my Christmas box. It would make a good craft project for the Munch and I. Thanks, Dede, for the good thought!! Love ya!