Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your Vote Does Make A Difference!

November 2 is literally just around the corner---I'm watching You've Got Mail
as my musings find their way to hard and fast text. Our freedom to cast the vote
of our conscience is the product of the American patriots' commitment to truth.

Thomas Payne (1737-1809) said "Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."

To be an informed, values voter, we must know the truth about the candidates'
positions on important policy issues. Most states in the U.S. have family policy
advocacy groups or councils ie. Center For Arizona Policy:
Check out the voter guides posted by these pro-family organizations, find out
the truth about each candidate's position on the value of life, family, private
property ownership, health care and the role of government. 

To find out about the judges up for retention votes find a website like the Lighthouse Blog at:  Finally, be sure to research all of the propositions that are on your state's ballot. Take notice of the groups endorsing and opposing the props--that alone will tell you if the measure is good for your family and community or not. Linda Turley-Hansen posted a very concise review of Arizona's props at:

Each one of our votes added together will effect change in the way our local, state and federal officials, legislators and judges do their jobs. By God's good
grace, we are guaranteed liberty by the United States Constitution. Take a 
moment to read its Preamble during this election cycle....the privilege we 
have of speaking the truth has been paid for with the sacrifices of our founders. 
Let's pray for Godly leaders as Paul encourages us in his first letter to Timothy,
chapter 2, verses 1 & 2.

Be blessed! 

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